Comprensive Learning Program

Gemara Halacha Hashkafa Mussar Daf Yomi Inyanei D'Yoma

What Our Students Say

  • Imagine beginning the day with something so relevant that it carries you through the day! That's Areivus HaTorah where everyday is an adventure in fascinating sugyos. Staffed by the best and attended by the inspired, no topic is irrelevant and no day goes by without exciting learning and discussion. Come for an hour or come for four, your day will never be the same again. All relevant. All timely. All fantastic.
    Yitzchak Cohen
  • The Areivus HaTorah learning program is a great way to start my day. There are regular shiurim and customized chavrusa learning for any level led by top notch Rabbonim.
    Dr Reuven Rosenberg
  • Areivut HaTorah succeeds in bringing together all the people in our expanding community to learn Torah together, grow together and get to know each other. In a developing community, this is a tremendous way for people to grow individually and collectively as a community.
    Yosef Eidensohn
  • I have been learning at Areivus HaTorah for over a year and have benefited tremendously from the program. Both Rav Learman and Rav Sokol are dedicated to ensure that each student can excel according to his level to bring out his maximum potential.
  • The levels of learning, the camaraderie, and the energy found among Areivus HaTorah chavrusas and chaburas are abundantly apparent. Rabbis Sokol, Learman and Dzialowski provide customized directions in learning, insights all the way from pshat of a sugya through Halacha Lema'aseh, and are happy to engage whether during seder or on a street corner. Their dedication, insights and attention to detail allow them to tailor each zman according to the level of the group and each individual. We thank them for their devotion to Torah and to us.
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